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A salon-style, inter-art performance, choreographed by Susan Osberg for solo dancer Marika Blossfeldt, in collaboration with composer, Dean Sharp and visual artist, Susan Magnus.

This is a Performance for 10 people at a time.

Friday and Saturday Nights, May 2-3 and May 9-10, 2008 at 8pm.

Choreographed by Susan Osberg

Performed by Dancer: Marika Blossfeldt

Composer/Musician: Dean Sharp

Visual Artist: Susan Magnus

Rhinoceros is a big thing in a small room. This is a dance that works as a visual installation for a specific site. It is about what is not present, as much as what is.

Choreographer, Susan Osberg was interested in developing a piece for a small room and breaking away from a theater setting, into a visual/sound space.

This dance  toured  to  Gøteborg, Sweden in fall of 2008 and was performed in a clone space called 25 sq. meters in ‘Einstein’s Cabaret.’

Photos by Thomas Moore.

What is a Rhinoceros? 

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