Dance Across Borders 2007


How many borders can we cross?

As many as have been set by different cultures, traditions, national interests and prejudices. Dance is the expression that makes it possible. Dance Across Borders is our movement to open minds.

Dance Across Borders 2007 is an international festival/symposium that took place at the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Arts at Bard College from May 29-June 16. “The Body Politic” was the chosen theme, focusing weekly discussions on how dancers and choreographers consider the body, the community and the world in reference to their work. DAB 2007  was directed by Susan Osberg and Joan Duddy was the co-director; they worked together with Tammy Dillon, Director of the Fisher Center and the staff at Bard College to facilitate this festival. DAB is an artist generated alliance founded in 1995, at Dia Center for the Arts in NYC. As a floating festival, DAB has held artist hosted sites by: Pat Cremins, Joan Duddy and Susan Osberg at Dia, Squid, and Danspace Project’s “Food for Thought” in New York City; Gun Lund and Lars Persson hosted two large scale DAB events in Göteborg, Sweden; Marika Blossfeldt hosted a small event at her farm, Polli Talu Art Center in Estonia; Suzanne Epstein brought DAB discussions and workshops to the School of New Dance Development for their tenth anniversary in The Netherlands; and Fabrice Dugied, Mireille Feyzeau and Amy Swanson, hosted site-specific works in Bordeaux, Normandy and Paris, France.

In DAB 2007: choreographer Noémie Lafrance was commissioned by DAB to create the first draft of her piece RAPTURE.  Eleven international choreographers performed in another site-specific event as an extension of what was begun in France, and performed together in an improvisational event in the sunken gardens of Bard’s Blythewood mansion. Seminar discussions on the ‘Body Politic’,  were held Monday-Friday each week and each weekend there were shared programs of concert work in Theater Two of the Fisher Center, by cutting edge choreographers who have redefined what dance is today. A DAB student company, made up of professionals and aspiring students, took classes with each of  the participating artists, to learn about their creative process and they rehearsed and performed RAPTURE with Noémie Lafrance.  

Artist Participants 2007:  Arthur Aviles, Marika Blossfeldt, Galina Borissova, Jean Churchill, Catlin Cobb, Jane Comfort, Uttara Coorlawala, Fabrice Dugied, Molissa Fenley, Mireille Feyzeau, Zack Fuller, Sara Gebran, Bryan Hayes, Kaspar Ravnhøj and Jacob Stage, Noémie Lafrance, Sondra Loring, Gun Lund, Dean Moss, René Nömmik and Tiina Ollesk, Susan Osberg, Olof Persson, Robbinschilds, Adi Salant, Amy Swanson, Muna Tseng, Dusan Tynek and Julie West

DAB student/company: Michael Caban, Grace Converse, Maggie Cornell, Isabel Cottingham, Musetta Durkee, Abby Hart, Charlotte Hendrickson, Gabriella Herbst, Pedro Jimenez, Dages Keates, Laura Kvelstein, Robert Mihalko, Shannon Murphy, Rain Saukas, Emma Grace Skove-Epes, Alexis Steeves, Tiffany Watson.

composers: David Arner and Bora Yoon


Dance Across Borders

by Catlin Cobb

DAB France 2006

by Susan Osberg

Photos are snap shots by participants:

Fabrice Dugied (on Matress)

Gary Lai  and Kevin O’Connor  on the Frank Ghery roof, in Noemie Lafrance’s RAPTURE 11

David Arner on piano in RAPTURE 1

Sondra Loring’s Class

Site-Specific piece by 11 choreographers at the sunken gardens Blythewood Mansion

Emma Grace Skove-Epes ad Dages Keats at the bottom on the page.